What makes it unique?

What makes AUST unique?

What makes AUST unique? Support from around the world. The AUST initiative has received overwhelming support from around the world, especially in the scientific and donor communities, and from a number of bilateral relationships, as well as partnerships with the private sector. In its early stages, two middle income countries were very active in providing support — India through the IIT and IIS Systems and South Africa through the AIMS Mathematical Institute in Cape Town. Demonstrated African ownership. A number of African countries, development agencies and the African Union have shown a high level of commitment and clear expressions of interest in supporting the work of AUST. Autonomy and public-private partnerships. The players associated with the governance and advisory board structures for the AUST are actively engaged. In its infancy, The World Bank Institute played an active role in shepherding the initiative and coordinating the efforts of an increasing number of parties both in and outside of Africa. The International Finance Corporation has been another active player, assisting in the development of the business and implementation plan and key aspects of the initiative