Software Engineering

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Software Engineering


African University of Science and Technology (AUST) offers under graduate level course leading up to a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Software Engineering. The program offers a well-rounded and structured curriculum specifically crafted to empower students with the essential skills and knowledge crucial for a thriving career in the dynamic realm of software engineering.

As students’ progress, they delve into fundamental areas like Computer Programming, Data Structures, Discrete Structures, Operating Systems, and Computer Security. These courses provide a solid theoretical and practical foundation, emphasizing programming skills, algorithm development, and an understanding of complex data structures.

The program also covers advanced topics including Software Requirements and Design, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, and Software Engineering Processes. Students explore principles of software engineering, emphasizing requirements analysis, design patterns, and various system architectures. Special attention is given to human-computer interaction, software testing, and quality assurance, ensuring graduates are well-versed in creating user-friendly and reliable software systems.

Additionally, the curriculum includes courses on artificial intelligence, machine learning techniques, web application development, and database systems. These courses reflect the department's commitment to staying abreast of industry trends and emerging technologies.

To further enhance students' skill sets, elective courses such as Fault Tolerant Computing, Game Design and Development, and Open-Source Software Development are offered, providing opportunities for specialization and hands-on experiences.

Throughout the program, students are instilled with a strong sense of professionalism and ethical conduct, preparing them for the challenges of the industry. The department emphasizes research methodology, allowing students to engage in rigorous academic inquiry. With a focus on distributed computing, software security, and software architecture, students are well-prepared to contribute to the advancement of software engineering practices in diverse contexts.

In summary, the Software Engineering Department at the African University of Science and Technology offers a robust and contemporary curriculum, preparing graduates to be skilled, ethical, and innovative contributors to the ever-evolving field of Software Engineering.