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Research & Innovation

In its initial academic brief, AUST only offers programs at the Master’s and doctoral level, clearly making it a research university.

The criteria for hiring of faculty put a very strong emphasis on the quality and research record of all those considered to supervise student research. Our professors, a combination of resident faculty and those who come specifically to teach specialised courses come from the world’s leading universities and research centres in Africa, Australasia, Europe and the Americas, both North and South. As a result, even though there is a requirement for our doctoral students to submit at least two “A”-rated papers at the time of submitting their dissertations, our Master’s students are increasingly pushing themselves to a similar standard. At the same time, both our students and faculty understand that the purpose of scientific research is to make meaningful contributions to our civilisation and to offer solutions to real-life problems. As a result, some of the work done by our students, even at the Master’s level, has produced technologies which can be used to improve the quality of life among our communities. The bamboo bicycle,  and ceramic tile water filters, conceptualised, designed and produced at AUST, using local materials,are typical examples.