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Pre-arrival Check List

    • Apply for a Visa – you should apply for a Nigerian Visa well in advance of your intended date of travel to AUST. Nigerian Visas are obtained in the countries where applicants are domiciled or the nearest Nigerian Mission to your country of residence. Admitted foreign students whose home countries are members of the ECOWAS countries do not require a Visa to gain entry into Nigeria. However, before applying for a visa, you must be in possession of your own national passport valid for international travel. Your passport should still be valid for AT LEAST six months at the expected time of entry into Nigeria and should contain at least 6 blank pages. Admitted foreign students whose home countries are not members ECOWAS will require a visa categorised as 'Subject To Regularization (STR)' which can be issued by the Nigerian Embassy/High Commission in their respective countries. AUST will help all admitted foreign students with the processing of their residence permits with the Nigerian Immigration Services upon arrival on campus.
    • Accept your course offer
    • It is important that you formally accept, in writing, the offer of admission made to you by the University, following the instructions provided in the letter of offer
    • Meet all conditions of your course offer and submit relevant documents
    • Apply on-line for your accommodation – make sure you have received confirmation of a room offer by email and paid your Caution Fee of $250. Please complete the Accommodation Registration Form and send as mail to with a subject heading of 'Application for accommodation in Halls of Residence for the 2019 Academic Year'. Please attach evidence of Caution Fees payment in your mail.
    • Book you flights well in advance. Flights generally become more expensive the closer you are to the intended date of travel, especially if the booking is being made less than two weeks before the date of travel – the nearest airport is the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja (thirty minutes from the University by car)
    • For foreign students only – for airport pick-up requests, contact the Student Affairs Office at with information on your travel itinerary and specifying on which airline you will be coming in, flight number and expected time of arrival. It is important that you provide this information at least 3 days before your departure date so that arrangements can be made for someone to meet you at the airport
    • Follow the pre-arrival health advice given on the Mandatory Medical Tests before arrival on campus, including ensuring that you have a valid Yellow Fever vaccination certificate, without which immigration authorities may deny you entry. All medical test results should be sent to no earlier than one week prior to your resumption date.
    • We strongly recommend all newly admitted students to bring at least 6 passport photographs, as they will be needed for various purposes, including applying for your residence permit, once you have arrived
    • After you have received a temporary University 'Log In and Password', log into the Academic Portal via the University's website and complete your registration. Students who fail to complete their registration two weeks after the start date will be subject to a Late Registration Fee of Naira 1,000 for each day past the deadline.
    • Pay tuition fee deposit and/or accommodation fees (day students are to also pay a Damage Deposit of $250)
    • Check Academic Portal – after you have registered you can have access to your course details and academic calendar
    • Pack and get yourself to Abuja – we are waiting for you!