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M.Sc. In Management Of Information Technology

Program Aims

In this new so-called “information age”, information has become a resource, a tool and also one of the major risks in any organisation. Therefore the management of information becomes everyone's business in an organisation. It affects how well an organisation communicates with its clients, how secure data is, and whether the organisation has an effective way to measure its performance and meet its goals. This program is designed to produce graduates who will become the key people responsible for oversight and monitoring of this key cog in the gears of any organisation and serve as the bridge between generators and users of data and, in particular, to support the use and interpretation of data by Management. 

Program Structure

This will be a “taught” programme. Completion of a total of 36 credit hours is required for award of the degree. The program will be made up of courses with course units ranging in credit value from 2 to 3. The majority will be 3-credit courses, in line with the credit rating for similar courses at many institutions globally. All courses will be taught and assessed on the basis of any combination of continuous assessment, examinations and practicum. A letter grade will be awarded for each course completed. Courses will be offered over 2 sessions, to cover 18 credits during each session. The list of courses is provided below:

  1. Implementation of IT in organizations
  2. Enterprise architecture and business analysis
  3. Design of business processes and information systems
  4. Technologies for Business Intelligence
  5.  IT Project Management
  6. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): technological and methodological issues
  7. Information Security 
  8. Data Analysis and Visualisation (2 credits)
  9. User Experience: Foundations and measures (2 credits)
  10. Managing the design and improvement of operational systems
  11. Archives and Data Curation (2 credits)
  12. Applied Multivariate Analysis and Forecasting
  13. Information Design Trends
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