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Our Partners

AUST has greatly benefited from the largesse and generosity of many individuals, corporations, governments and other organisations, too numerous to single out.

Among them are banks, including the African Development Bank, The World Bank and its affiliated program, the African Capacity Building Fund (ACBF), local bank, the Federal government of Nigeria some State parastatals, and non-governmental organisations, other universities and research centres. Our view on any kind of philanthropic or corporate giving is that when we receive a grant or donation, the process does not end there; it places upon us a responsibility to ensure that the “gift” is put to good and effective use and that, in the process, we remain accountable to those who support us in this fashion and to our own constituency. It thus becomes a PARTNERSHIP, in which each of the parties involved is expected to deliver on their part of the relationship. For that reason, we prefer to use the term “partner” to refer to all our sponsors, benefactors and the global networks with which we work.

 On the one hand, the list of partners is too long to include here, on the other hand, listing all of them here creates the risk of inadvertently omitting someone. So, instead, we present below our “wall of appreciation” on which the banners of many (not all) of our sponsors and partners are proudly displayed. We invite you to talk to us, to make sure the name of your organisation can occupy some of the space that is currently blank.

 We have been able to remain faithful to the thinking behind the establishment of AUST, namely that all research students, both at the Master’s and doctoral levels, should be given full financial support so that they can focus entirely on their studies. Our ability to do so has been made possible by the generosity of our sponsors who have fully understood the value they add in the African development process. We continue to seek new partnerships to enable us to increase our enrolment and provide appropriate infrastructure and services for the growing number of students on the campus.