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Mathematics Institute Scholarships


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Prospective students

In the first decade of its existence, every student who came to AUST was able to do so on a full scholarship, the result of dedicated fund-raising efforts to remain faithful to the original thought expressed by Nelson Mandela in support of the AUST, namely that no one with the ability to study and conduct valuable research should be prevented from doing so by lack of money.

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Theoretical and Applied Physics

AUST offers a Master of Science (M.Sc.) program in Theoretical Physics as a first step in preparing students for a career in teaching and research, which is part of the training infused into the Ph.D. program, in which a year of intensive high level coursework is followed by a comprehensive examination, before being admitted as a doctoral candidate, for whom publication of results in top tier journals is among the requirements for the award of the degree.

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AUST offers graduate programs at the Master's and Doctoral levels in five specially chosen fields of science and engineering. Admission is applicants who have proven to be among the best and brightest pan-African students, who, at minimum, have a First Class or Upper Second Class Honours degree at the undergraduate level or its equivalent.

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Material Science And Engineering And Petroleum Engineering

Mathematics courses covering Calculus, Linear Algebra, Advanced Calculus (Vector Analysis and Multivariable Calculus) and Ordinary Differential Equations. Knowledge of a (modern) programming language is expected. Mechanics (Solids and Engineering Mechanics), Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics (for Petroleum Students) and General Chemistry (for Material Science Students).

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Theoretical And Applied Physics

Students are expected to have Mathematics knowledge at least equivalent to courses in College level Calculus, Advanced Calculus (Vector Analysis, Multivariable Calculus), Linear Algebra and Differential Equations. Students are also expected to have taken courses at an intermediate level in Classical Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Thermodynamics and Quantum Mechanics.

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Computer Science and Engineering

In addition to good preparatory Mathematics courses, students are expected to have knowledge of a modern programming language (e.g. Java, C, C++, and Computer Operating Systems).

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Pure and Applied Mathematics

Applicants are expected to have taken the following courses at the undergraduate level: Mathematical Analysis; Abstract and Linear Algebra; Point Set Topology; and Differential Equations. For those who are required to take it, the Entrance Examination is required will be based mainly on Mathematical Analysis, Linear Algebra and Ordinary Differential Equations.

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AUST represents a new way of doing things in the higher education sector in Africa. It has strong industry links, a strong corporate governance structure, and focuses on producing men and women with the entrepreneurial flair and compassionate.

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2016 Convocation & Award Ceremony

Jun 08, 2016 from 12:00 PM to 08:00 PM African University of Science and Technology, KM 10 Airport Road, Galadimawa, Abuja, Nigeria.,

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