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Thesis Submission

Below are the stage by stage process for submitting your final thesis,
  •   Students are to submit their thesis to their different supervisors

  • Supervisors will go through the work, point out corrections and make comments

  • Students receive their work back and do all the identified corrections, then submit back to their supervisors

  • Supervisors then submits all the students' theses to their HOD

  • HODs then sends all theses in a zip file (optional) to the Executive Assistant to the President, Mrs Tracey Ofuegbo at who then submits for editing and plagiarism check

  • She returns the theses to the different HODs and if there are further corrections, this will be done

  • Final theses (edited and corrections done) is then sent to the in a zip file by the different HODs.

Please note that students are to submit 4 print copies of their final thesis to their department which will be sent to the library for binding. The amount for binding is ₦4,800 for the 4 copies. Kindly also note that students will only be cleared from the library when we have received their final thesis.