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Unauthorized Use of Materials or Resources (''cheating'')

A student shall not use unauthorized materials or resources in an academic activity. Unauthorized materials or resources shall include:

a) Any paper or project authored by the student and presented by the student for the satisfaction of any academic requirement, if the student previously submitted or simultaneously submits substantially the same paper or project to satisfy another academic requirement and did not receive express authorization to resubmit or simultaneously submit the paper or project.

b) Any materials or resources prepared by another student and used without the other student’s express consent or without proper attribution to the other student.
c) Any materials or resources which the faculty member has notified the student or the class are prohibited.

d) Use of a cheat sheet when not authorized to do so or use of any other resources or materials during an examination, quiz, or other academic activity without the express permission of the faculty member, whether access to such resource or materials is through a cell phone, PDA, other electronic device, or any other means.

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