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Circulation Policy

This policy seeks to answer commonly asked questions.

Borrowing library materials, what materials can or cannot be borrowed? What is the borrowing procedure for circulating materials? How long can I keep borrowed materials? Requesting materials someone else has borrowed, can someone else request for materials that I have borrowed and can a book be recalled early from the borrower? How many items can be borrowed and how can borrowed items be renewed? How will I know when borrowed items must be returned and what happens if I don't return a borrowed item? What are the consequences for losing a borrowed item? What if an item becomes damaged? How do I get materials not available in the University Library collection? How can I see books I have borrowed or fines I may have accrued? Where can I go when I need help?

Borrowing Books

Textbooks on the shelves can be borrowed for a duration of 3,5,14-21days depending on the availability (in terms of copies) of the book. Also certain reserved books can be borrowed based on the need and use.

Only registered users are allowed to use the library, therefore every user must always present their library card when borrowing a book.

You can find library materials remotely by browsing

Borrowing Library Materials

Registered Library users with AUST identification cards are entitled to borrow materials from the University Library and also use the E-Resources. The users include Students, Faculty, and Staff of AUST, dependents who reside at AUST and visitors who have obtained permission to use the library. Students are responsible for all materials borrowed on their ID.

Materials I can borrow and the ones I cannot borrow

Materials in General Circulation can be borrowed and they include both book and non-book materials. While the non-circulating materials are reference books and Course Reserves. They are marked with an R and kept on the Reserve Shelf, this means that they can not be borrowed. Printed newspapers and periodicals also are not available for borrowing.

Borrowing Procedure

Materials may be borrowed during library opening hours (8am-5pm week days). Library Users are responsible for ensuring that borrowed books are properly returned at the end of the borrowing period to avoid penalties.


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