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Omololu Akin-Ojo Top publications

  • Shaidu Y. and Akin-Ojo O. (2016). First Principles Predictions of Superconductivity in Doped Stanene, Computational Material Science Vol. 118 pp 11- 15.
  • Jankowski P., Murdachaew G., Bukowski R., Akin-Ojo O., Leforestier C., and Szalewicz K. (2015). Ab Initio Water Pair Potential with Flexible Monomers, Journal of Physical Chemistry A Vo. 119 pp 2940- 2964.
  • Rwenyagila E. R., Agyei-Tuffour B., Onogu K. O., Akin-Ojo O., Kana M. G. Z., Alford T. L., and Soboyejo W. O. (2015) Computational modeling of optical properties in aluminum nanolayers inserted in ZnO for solar cell electrodes, Optical Letters Vol. 40 pp 3914- 3917.
  • Dandogbessi B. S., Akin-Ojo O., and Kenfack A. (2015) Controlling current reversals in chaotic ratchet transport, Physica Scripta Vol. 90 p 055206.
  • Rwenyagila E. R., Agyei-Tuffour B., Onogu K. O., Kana M. G. Z., Akin-Ojo O., and Soboyejo W. O. (2014), Optical properties of ZnO/Al/ZnO multilayer films for large area transparent electrodes, Journal of Materials Research Vol. 24 pp 2912 – 2920.
  • Akin-Ojo O. and Szalewicz K. (2013), How well can polarization models of pairwise nonadditive forces describe liquid water? Journal of Chemical Physics Vol. 138 p 024316.
  • Scribano Y., Akin-Ojo O., and Faure A. (2011) Note: Second virial coefficient of the water-hydrogen complex from an explicitly correlated potential energy surface, Journal of Chemical Physics Vol. 135 p 116101
  • Akin-Ojo O. and Wang F. (2011) Effects of the dispersion interaction in liquid water, Chemical Physics Letters Vol. 513 pp 59 – 62
  • Wang F., Akin-Ojo O., Pinnick E., and Song Y. (2011) Approaching Post-Hartree-Fock Quality Potential Energy Surfaces with Simple Pair-wise Expressions: Parameterizing Point-Charge Based Force Fields for Liquid Water Using the Adaptive Force Matching Method, Molecular Simulations Vol. 37 pp 591 – 605.
  • Akin-Ojo O. and Wang F. (2011) The quest for the best non-polarizable water model from the adaptive force matching method, Journal of Computational Chemistry Vol. 32 pp 453 – 462
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