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Professor Mohamed Hamada Publications

  •  Mobile Learning: Trends, Attitudes and Effectivness (BOOK), 2015, Available at 
  •  Active and Collaborative Learning: Practices, Problems and Prospects (BOOK), 2014. Available at 
  • E-Learning: New Technology, Applications and Future Trends (BOOK), 2013, Available at 
  • Mohamed Hamada, A Multimedia Learning Environment for Information and Communication 
  • Theory. Accepted for publication EuroAsian Journal of Science and Education Technology, To Appear (2016). (SSCI indexed Journal). 
  • Mohamed Hamada and Mohammed Hassan, An Overview of Recommendation Techniques and a Survey of Recommender Systems for Learning, ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology To Appear (2016). (SSCI indexed Journal). 
  •  Mohamed Hassan and Mohamed Hamada, A Framework for Recommending Learning Peers to Support Collaborative Learning on a Social Network, International Journal of Simulation Systems, Science & Technology, To Appear (2016). 
  • Mohamed Hamada, Turing Machine and Automata Simulators. Elsevier Procedia Computer Science. Vol. 18, 2013, pp. 1466-1474, Elsevier 2013. 
  • Hazem E. and M. Hamada, Adaptive E-Learning for Data Encoding and Computer Networks Based on Learner’s Style. International Journal of Computer Networks and Security, Recent Science Publisher. Vol. 22, No. 12, pp. 333-342, 2013. 
  • Mohamed Hamada and Kosuke Nishikawa, A Study of a Learning Style Index to Support Intelligent and Adaptive Learning Systems, In “Intelligent and Adaptive Educational-Learning Systems, Vol. 17, No. XII, pp. 109-132, Springer-Verlag, 2012. 
  • Mohamed Hamada and Sayota Sato, A Learning System for a Computational Science Related Topic. Elsevier Procedia Computer Science Vol. 9. 2012, pp. 1763-1772, Elsevier 2012.
  • Mohamed Hamada and Sayota Sato, A Game-based Learning System for Theory of Computation Using Lego NXT Robot. Elsevier Procedia Computer Science Vol. 4, 2011, pp. 1944-1952, 2011. 
  • Mohamed Hassan and Mohamed Hamada, Recommending Learning Peers for Collaborative Learning Through Social Network Sites, IEEE ISMS, Intelligent Systems, Modeling and Simulation, 2016.
  • Mohamed Hassan and Mohamed Hamada, Learning System and Analysis of Learning Styles for African and Asian Students, IEEE TALE 2015. 
  • M. Hamada, A. Ali, and K. Tufan, Smart Cloud-based Implementation of a Learning Style Index, IEEE (CCLS) MCSoC, pp. 68-74, IEEE, 2014 
  • A. Tabot and M. Hamada, Mobile Learning with Google App Engine, IEEE (CCLS) MCSoC, pp. 63-67, EEE, 2014. 
  • A. Ali, K. Tufan and M. Hamada, A Multimedia Mobile-based Learning Framework for Kurdish Language, IEEE ITHET 2014, pp. 112-118, IEEE 2014. 
  • A. Tabot and M. Hamada, The Role of Multimedia Learning Systems in the Nigerian Higher Educational Landscape, IEEE ITHET 2014, pp. 91-97, IEEE 2014. 
  • M. Ebner, C. Prettenthaler, and M. Hamada, Cloud-based service for eBooks using EPUB under the Aspect of Learning Analytics, IEEE (CCLS) MCSoC, pp. 116-122, IEEE, 2014. 
  • M. Hamada and T. Mitsui, A Mobile-based Multimedia System for Learning Japanese, ACM MoMM 2013, pp. 369-375, ACM Dec. 2013. 
  • K. Oyibo and M. Hamada, A Framework for Instantiating Native Mobile Multimedia Learning Applications on Android Platform, ACM MoMM 2013, pp. 589-595, ACM Dec. 2013