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Professor Peter Onwualu's Publications

  • Onwualu, A.P. 2016. Benchmarks for research for the generation of exploitable intellectual property. Workshop on Intellectual Property, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. 12th – 13th April, 2016.
  • Onwualu, A.P. 2016. Promoting endogenous technology in agriculture and solid minerals exploitation: the panacea for Nigerian economic growth and development. Convocation Lecture, Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Owerri. 24th February, 2016.
  • Ibeagha, O.A. and Onwualu, A.P. 2015. Strategies for improving the value chain of castor as an industrial raw material in Nigeria. Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR International Journal, 17(3):217-230.
  • Onwualu, A. P. and Ojeaga, I. 2015. University Industry collaboration in Nigeria: issues and strategies. Asian Academic Research Journal of Multi-Disciplinary. 2(1): 133-151.
  • Ugonna, C.U.; Jolaoso, M.A. and Onwualu, A.P. 2015. Tomato value chain in Nigeria: issues, challenges and strategies. Journal of Scientific Research and Reports. 7(7): 501-515.
  • Olife, I.C.; Ibeagha, O.A. and Onwualu, A.P. 2015. Citrus Fruits Value Chain Development in Nigeria. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare. 5(4): 36-47.
  • Onwualu, A.P. 2015. Oil field chemicals development in Nigeria: opportunities and challenges. Invited Keynote paper at 1st International conference on oil field chemistry and flow assurance. Institute of Petroleum Studies, University of Port Harcourt.
  • Onwualu, A.P. 2015. Optimizing the potentials of research in a university: case of University of Port Harcourt. Invited Keynote paper presented at conference to mark 40th anniversary of University of Port Harcourt, Centre for Research Management, University of Port Harcourt.
  • Onwualu, A.P. 2015. Academia industry collaboration as a strategy for commercialization of research output in Nigeria. Invited keynote paper Strategic Academia Industry Interface, University of Benin, Benin City. 24th August, 2015.
  • Onwualu, A.P. 2014. Fostering Research-Industry Linkages in Nigeria: Case Study of Some RMRDC Projects. Proceedings of the Nigerian Academy of Science, official Journal of the Nigerian Academy of Science. 7:19-43.
  • Onwualu, A.P. 2014. Commercializing Engineering: an imperative for national development. Proceedings, 23rd Engineering Assembly, Council for Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, Abuja. Pg 1-34.
  • Onwualu, A.P., Buga, M.L., Ode, F.K., Olugbemi, B.O., Negedu, A., Bassey, J.P., Ugonna, C.U., Ndu, C.C., Ajani, O., and Obasi, E. 2013. Industrial Raw Materials Development in Nigeria: Prof. Onwualu’s Scorecard (2005-2013). Published by Raw Materials Research and Development Council. ISBN: 978-978-52169-9-8.
  • Onwualu, A.P., Ogunwusi, A.A., Olife, I.C. and Inyang, A. 2013. Raw Materials Development for the Transformation of the Manufacturing Sector in Nigeria. Published by Raw Materials Research and Development Council. ISBN: 978-978-52367-1-2.
  • Onwualu, A.P. and Obasi, E. 2013. Process Technologies for Small and Medium Enterprise Clusters by Raw Materials Research and Development Council. Datmaz Digital Press, Abuja. ISBN: 978-978-932-249-7.
  • Onwualu, A.P., Obasi, E., Olife, I.C. and Inyang, A. 2013. Unlocking the Potentials of Nigeria’s Non-Oil Sector. Pitmak Publishers Ltd, Abuja. ISBN: 978-978-52367-2-9
  • Olife, I.C., Onwualu, A.P., Uchegbu, K.I and Jolaoso, M.A. 2013. Status Assessment of Spice Resources in Nigeria. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare 3(9): 12-18.
  • Ajoku, K.B., Onwualu, A.P. 2012. Unlocking Nigeria’s Potentials through Science Technology and Innovation. Pitmak Publishers Ltd, Abuja. ISBN 978-978-50745-1-2.
  • Onwualu, A.P., Abdullahi, A.K., and Buga, M.L. 2012. Investment Opportunities in Industrial Raw Materials in Nigeria: Value Addition to Selected Commodities. Raw Materials Research and Development Council RMRDC Survey Series No. 064. RMRDC Press Abuja. ISBN 978-8070-17-5.
  • Onwualu, A.P. 2012. Fast tracking the Attainment of Vision 20-2020 Through Techno-Entrepreneurship. Proceedings of the Yaba College of Technology Conference and Research Fair held at Yaba, Lagos from the 23rd to 25th of July, 2012.
  • Onwualu, A.P., 2012. Issues in Industrial Raw Materials Development (A Compilation of some Speeches by Professor A. P. Onwualu, FAS Director General, RMRDC during the period 2005-2009) Edited by Seb. C. Obasi. Research and Development Council RMRDC Publication Series No.023. ISBN 978-978-50750-8-3.


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