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Gane Samb Notable Achievements

  • In the second part of 1980's, the theory of sums of extreme value theory under study like the epic history of the theory sums of independent random variables around the 30's (Theory of Levy-Feller). I had the honour to settle the most important and difficult case corresponding to the Gumbel case (see Csorgo, S. and Mason, D. M. (1986). The asymptotic distribution of sums of extreme values from a regularly varying distribution. Ann. Probab. 14 974-983.)
  • Elected Member of the International Institute of Statistics (World Academy of Statistics)
  • Founding Editor of the international journals : Afrika Statistika (projectEuclid), African Journal of Applied Statistics, Imhotep Journal of Mathematical Facts and Reviews.
  • President of the Foundation of the Statistics and Probability African Society (SPAS)