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Amos David Publications

Recent publications
  •  Competitive Intelligence and Decision Problems, ISTE-WILEY, ISTE – WILEY, Book, 348 pages, 2011
  • DAVID Amos, « Digital Humanities in library and information science: fundamental issues and applications », Invited paper, Conference on the theme “Training, Research - Support of development: Information and Documentation faced with the challenges of Emergent Africa”, Université Yaoundé 2, Cameroun, 3-4 December 2015
  • DAVID Amos, Opportunities in Information Technology for Entrepreneurship & Wealth Creation, Keynote Speaker at the opening plenary of the 2013 IT Professionals Assembly, Abuja, Nigeria, 19th October, 2013
  • DAVID Amos, UWADIA Charles « Transition from Observation to Knowledge to Intelligence », Lagos, Nigeria, ISBN 978-2-9546760-1-2