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Postgraduate courses

Postgraduate Courses

AUST’s Postgraduate Diploma, Taught Masters, MSc, Ph.D. degrees, or our Continuing Professional Development short courses at AUSTInspire offers you choice and flexibility, and the opportunity to study in a vibrant, supportive academic environment. Whether you want to further your knowledge in a subject you’re passionate about, boost your CV, or get your dream job, a postgraduate degree from the African University of Science and Technology can help you stand out from the crowd and achieve your goals.

We currently have over 65 postgraduate research students conducting specialist research and collaborating with academic staff who are working at the frontiers of their subjects. We are committed to ensuring that the quality and relevance of our postgraduate research programs are of the very highest level. Many aspects of our research have been judged to be of a world-class standard. Our research activities take place across a range of disciplines – in science, engineering, computing, and management sciences.

At AUST, we welcome applications from students interested in pursuing full-time or part-time (weekends) degrees – Postgraduate Diploma (PGD), Taught Master, Master of Science (MSc), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) or our Continuing Professional Development certificate programs at AUSTInspire, and who satisfy the University's entry criteria.

Before you apply for a doctoral program at AUST, you should contact the academic department/school you are interested in to check that your research proposal aligns with our key research areas and that there is appropriate support available to supervise your research.

Full details of entry requirements and how to make your application can be found in our How to Apply section.


How long will it take?

The period of study for our various postgraduate programs are:

  • Postgraduate Diploma: typically 12 months.
  • Taught Masters: typically 12 months, final deadline of 18 months.
  • Master of Science (MSc): typically 18 months, final deadline of 36 months.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.): typically 3 years, final deadline of 5 years.


Explore Postgraduate Programs Available at AUST

School of Administration, Business and Management Sciences

  • Public Administration(Taught Masters, MSc)
  • Public Policy (Taught Masters, MSc) 

School of Computing

  • Computer Science (MSc, Ph.D)
  • Management of Information Technology (Taught Masters, MSc)

School of Engineering

  • Aerospace Engineering (MSc, Ph.D)
  • Materials & Metallurgical Engineering (MSc, Ph.D)
  • Petroleum & Energy Resources Engineering (PGD, MSc, Ph.D)
  • Systems Engineering (MSc, Ph.D)

School of Science

  • Applied Statistics (Taught Masters, MSc)
  • Geoinformatics & GIS (MSc, Ph.D)
  • Mathematical Modeling (Taught Masters, MSc)
  • Pure & Applied Mathematics (MSc, Ph.D)
  • Space Physics (MSc, Ph.D)
  • Theoretical & Applied Physics (MSc, Ph.D)