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Welcome to AUST

The African University of Science and Technology (AUST) is a Pan-African institution, established in 2007 in response to a request from several African Heads of State, to give life to a request made by then President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, that the World Bank and the African Union work together to create strong Pan-African centres of excellence to improve sub-Saharan Africa’s capacity in Science and Technology. Thus a network of the now so-called Nelson Mandela Research Institutes was born. AUST in Abuja was the first of these Centers of Excellence to be established. It currently only offers Graduate level programs by a combination of course work and cutting edge research. AUST draws both students and faculty from all across Africa. Because of the high level of instruction needed for the specialised course work it offers as the foundation for its demanding research at the Master’s and doctoral levels and the quality of research standards it insists on, AUST taps into a now well-established international network of scientists and engineers who serve as visiting faculty. As part of its quality assurance structures, the university draws on the knowledge, experience and wisdom of a global interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers, members of the African Scientific Committee (ASC) and an International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB). 

While it currently only offers programs by a combination of intensive coursework and research in five disciplinary areas, starting later in 2016, new Master’s level programs, by course work only, will be offered. Read more