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Prospective students

In the first decade of its existence, every student who came to AUST was able to do so on a full scholarship, the result of dedicated fund-raising efforts to remain faithful to the original thought expressed by Nelson Mandela in support of the AUST, namely that no one with the ability to study and conduct valuable research should be prevented from doing so by lack of money.

AUST continues to find ways to continue on that path and, today, has a number of programs committed to supporting young women who wish to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by providing full scholarships for study at both the Master’s and doctoral levels. New initiatives to support post-doctoral activities are now also underway.

 While the initial suite of programs had a strong research focus, 18 months for a Master’s degree, consisting of about 60% course work with the rest of the time devoted to high level research, most of which gets published; and 3 to 4 years for a full-time Ph.D. from which “A”-rated publications or patents are a co-requirement for graduation, AUST now also offers a selection of 12-month “taught” Master’s programs, designed to equip students with very specific specialised skills. All our programs require a strong Mathematics background.

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